JC Swiss Dry Gin - Dry Gin | My Sommelier - Nyon
JC Swiss Dry Gin - Dry Gin | My Sommelier - Nyon

JC Swiss Dry Gin - Dry Gin

A spicy gin from Aargau

  • 50 cl
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The distillery

JC Swiss Dry Gin is a very mysterious gin both in composition and in its origin: Between Aargau and Ticino.


Swiss Dry Gin

This gin was made in Ticino in a Pot-Still still which promotes aromatics in the distillation. This gin has been distilled three times, which gives it a lot of finesse.


juniper berries come from Tuscany, coriander seeds from Fribourg, angelica root, pepper and tonka beans. It is also supplemented with a secret ingredient


The robe

A crystalline color. 

The nose

Notes of pepper, curry and spices give this gin an intense bouquet.

The taste

A certain roundness at the start of the mouth, then the side of spices and pepper that will coat your palate.

Silver DistiSuisse 2019/2020 
Silver Swiss Whisky, Gin & Rum Awards 2020

Types Gins
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